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From Dr Dan Maggs

Warwick, England

Hi there, I’m Dan, a UK-based GP. I am here today because I want to give you something I call “The Carb Dodging Foundation Course”.

It’s my framework, and my course on how to achieve sustainable weight loss.

But before I give you access to the course, I want to tell you the back story about how it was created…

This is NOT just something that I dreamed up one day, hoping it would work, this is something I’ve been developing ever since I reversed my own obesity after years of failure.

Here’s what happened…

Back in 2016, I went skiing with my wife in France.

We were in a chalet that we were sharing with another group of people.

One morning we were all sat around a table having breakfast then one of the guys in the other group did something that completely confused me.

He poured himself a cup of coffee and then he started spooning butter into it.

I asked him why... and I was 'stunned' by the answer he gave me...

Until this point, I’d struggled with my own weight loss journey for as long as I can remember.

I was definitely “chubby” at school and my weight issue just accelerated during my 20s and 30s to the point where I was clinically obese.

Over the years I’d tried pretty much everything to get my weight back under control. But the same thing happened every time I started on a diet.

I’d lose weight initially. The first 6 weeks or so would be great.

But after a while, the scales would start to slow down, and then stop.

It didn’t make sense.

I was eating the same thing that I had been eating before…

and exercising the same amount…

…but the scales weren’t moving, what was going wrong?

I’d had it drummed into me for years and years that...


… is to maintain a calorie deficit.

You know, eat less, move more… And I believed it!

Naturally, I assumed that this was the problem.

I’d cut the food even more… and increase the exercise again.

Perhaps I’d loose a bit more weight…

But you can’t keep doing that every time the scales stall….

I would end up exhausted and tired…

Then I’d say something like… oh I’ll have this weekend off and get back on it next week…

… but next week never came…

I’d avoid the scales because I was in denial!

Until maybe a few months later when I’d become brave enough to step on the scales again and realise that I’d gained back all the weight I’d lost and then some.


Naturally, I blamed my lack of willpower, and I’d started to believe that achieving weight loss just not going to be something I’d ever achieve!

I hated how I looked, I’d started to snore, which upset my wife, and I was starting to worry how it would affect my health in the long term.

Professionally… it was embarrassing!

Dr Dan Maggs At Work

In 2015, I’d just qualified as a GP after many years of medical school and working as a junior doctor. 

But I was officially obese!

The fact that I wasn’t able to keep my own health in check was pretty obvious to anyone who came to see me!

But in 2016 this all changed…

When I got back off my skiing holiday…I started to put what he’d taught me into practice.

[BEFORE] February 2016

When I’d arrived back from that ski trip I was at my heaviest weight ever… 108.5 kilograms or about 240lbs.

The weight started to fall off me really quickly, week after week!

But I was still sceptical…

This had happened before plenty of times…I figured this would just end up the same way as it has done before…

But after about 6 weeks I felt really different….

I just wasn’t hungry. 

In fact, I was rarely ever hungry.

I wasn’t tired… I was full of energy!

I knew something was different this time round.


But in August 2016… just over 6 months later the scales ticked over at 85 kilograms (or 187lbs) .

I was a normal weight for the first time in my adult life!

I’d lost nearly 25kg or over 50lbs in a little over 6 months.

It felt amazing to finally look in the mirror and realise that I’d done it!

And my wife was very pleased that I was no longer snoring!


[AFTER] August 2016

After years and years of yo-yo dieting, I’d finally found something that worked and it was sustainable.

That was 6 years ago and I’ve kept the weight off with ease.

So what did that random stranger in the ski lodge in France teach me?

Well… he helped me to think of weight loss more in terms of our hormones rather than in terms of calories.

Specifically the hormone insulin.

Now, it’s not that calories don’t exist… it’s just that ONLY thinking about weight loss in terms of “eat less, move more” is too simple.

When he explained it all… it suddenly became obvious...

I already knew from my medical practice that any time we give someone the drug “insulin” like we often do for Diabetes… they inevitably gained weight. It’s a well known side effect.

In fact ANY drug we give that stimulates the body to produce more insulin also has the side effect of weight gain.

At the opposite end of the spectrum, there is a disease where the body is unable to produce insulin…

… Type 1 Diabetics can’t produce insulin. We need to give them insulin else the disease is fatal.

But in those first few days when the pancreas stops producing insulin, patients become very thirsty, but they also experience rapid weight loss.

There is also a sort of eating disorder in type 1 diabetics where they knowingly under dose themselves on insulin because they know that it will help them lose weight!

So not only do we have extra insulin causing weight gain… but we have a loss of insulin causing weight loss!

What does that have to do with calories?

My mind was blown…and it had been sitting there right under my nose for years!!!

Can it really just be as simple as reducing the amount of insulin our bodies produce…?

Well, pretty much!!!!

We can reduce the amount of insulin we produce by changing WHAT we eat but also WHEN we eat.

It’s the food we eat that stimulates the amount of insulin that we produce. 

In particular it’s the carbs and sugars that we eat that stimulate our bodies to produce insulin the most.

The Story Of The Shrinking Doctor

Ever since I lost my weight, I’ve been helping people achieve success on their own weight loss journeys.

At that time, I was working in a small, rural GP practice and as so often happens in small towns word quickly spread about the Doctor who’d lost loads of weight.

People started coming to see me for help with their own weight loss.

So at first, I tried helping people in my clinic where I only had 10 minutes per person to help show them the path.

Because the the fundamental principles are very simple…

Follow a low carb diet….

Eat only when you’re hungry…

But even expanding on these simple ideas in my short 10-minute clinic appointments weren’t enough to really make much of an impact in the longer term.

I tried bringing people in for multiple appointments and even had people come in on my lunch breaks to teach them one to one.
But still, people needed more help.

So I began to ask myself the question… what had I been doing in those 6 months that my patients weren’t?

Well… I’d been binging on knowledge.

During those first 6 months when I lost all that weight… something else changed.

Instead of binge eating bread, rice, pasta, pizza and chocolate…

I’d been binge reading scientific papers, books and videos – reading all about my new favourite subject.

I can honestly say I’d found human metabolism more interesting that I’d ever found it during my medical degree.

You see, the rules are very simple… but it’s not enough just to know those rules!

I remember listening to a podcast several years ago and the host of the podcast said something that really stuck with me.

If you give me a set of rules, I can follow them for a while…

But if you help me understand the WHY behind those rules… and I truly understand them… then I’m much more likely to follow them for the long term!

Achieving sustainable weight loss is about so much more than following a few rules… it’s about understanding the why behind those rules.

That’s what’s really going to help you when your willpower inevitably wanes.

This is why people weren’t getting the same results that I was… I was giving them the rules, but not the why behind those rules.

There was no way that I could do that in a 10 minute appointment.

I quit my regular GP job to start my YouTube Channel in 2018 as I knew helping to educate people on this way of living was my calling.

And YouTube is great. I love YouTube. You’ll find lots of great information on my channel.

But in terms of learning, it’s no substitute for a properly structured course that teaches people the foundational knowledge that you will need to be successful on your journey.

It’s all too easy to just bounce around from one video to the next, not knowing if you’ve missed something or getting differing opinions from different people.

I remember one of my tutors at medical school said something that really helped me…

Whenever we’d start a new module we’d get given a reading list with like 10 different books on it.

I’d go to the library and get as many of those books as I could… then be completely overwhelmed with the amount of information that was in front of me…

She told me to forget the reading list… just pick one really good book on the subject written by someone who really knows their stuff… and focus on that one book.

That way you won’t get overwhelmed by the amount of information or confused when you encounter differences of opinion.

Because having a solid grip on the why…is what is really going to help you stick with things when your willpower inevitably wanes.
It happens to all of us!

This is exactly what I’ve created with The Carb Dodging Foundation Course. 

It’s the one resource you need… taught simply, by me, someone who has done what you’re trying to do, and has helped others to do the same.

If you hired me to teach you one to one...

... this is exactly what I'd teach you...

And it’s exactly what I will teach you inside of The Carb Dodging Foundation Course.

Module 1 - Why you’ve struggled to lose weight.

In this module, we’ll start with learning why the advice that we’ve been given for years and years and years “Eat Less, Move More” is flawed.

We’ll learn why it’s not so much about calories, and very much about understanding hormones, in particular the hormone insulin that will help you on your journey.

You’ll learn how our bodies gain weight, and how you can reverse that by accessing your fat stores and burning fat for energy.

Module 2 - Setting yourself up for success

In this module, I’ll be laying out the path you need to take to achieve success on your weight loss journey.

There are also a few things you really need to decide on before you get started that will help improve your chances.

Preparation is everything in this module. 

Module 3 - What to eat

In this module, you’ll learn:-

Module 4 - When to eat

In the last module, you’ve learned how to lose weight by manipulating what you eat.

In this module you’ll learn how to lose weight by manipulating one of the most simple things of all… when you eat!

Module 5 - Living Low Carb

In this module, you’ll learn how to approach real-life situations… so that you can confidently approach holidays & vacations, restaurants and I answer a question that may be important to you… 

Can I drink alcohol when Carb Dodging?

Module 6 - Fine Tuning

You’re off to the races by this point having mastered the diet side of thigns. But there are still a few things that you can do to make sure you’re losing weight at an optimal rate. You’ll learn about these here in Module 7. 

Module 7 - How to break a plateau

The journey to sustained weight loss is rarely never a straight line.

The truth is that you’ll hit a bump in the road somewhere along the way.

But don’t worry. I’ll take you through the framework I use to help you get over that stall quickly!

Module 8 - How to approach maintenance

We finish by addressing this subject in some detail. Do you need to stay low carb once you’ve lost the weight….? Or can you ease off a bit. In this final module, I’ll help you make this decision and give you the strategies you need to sustain your weight loss for the longer term.

My superpower… is making things simple.

This isn’t a degree level course. This is designed for anyone to get the knowledge they need to be successful.

I’ve been doing this my whole professional life. As a doctor, it’s my job to take the complicated science stuff and break it down into a language that everyone can understand.

If you’ve ever watched any of my YouTube Videos… You know this already.

By taking my course, you can learn what it takes to be successful on your Carb Dodging Journey.

If you’re serious about starting your Carb Dodging jouney off on the right foot then this course is perfect for you.

In the past I’ve sold this course for £197 … but today I wanted to make you a VERY SPECIAL OFFER and give this to you

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Yes… for about the price of small margarita pizza delivered to your house, you can get access to the course that took me literally hundreds of hours to create…. 

Learn From A Doctor Who's Done What You're Trying To Do

In 2016 I went from 108.5kg (240lbs) to 85kg (185lbs) in just over 6 months to reverse my own obesity.

But it's not just me who's benefited from this knowlege....

Meet some of my students..







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Bonus #1 - 8 Weeks Of Tried & Tested Meal Plans

Our Meal Plans Are So Simple!

Total Value £79

You’ll learn everything you need to know about formulating your own meals in the course. But it’s going to make things really easy for you to have this tried and tested, super simple 8 weeks of meal plans ready made for you.

You’ll easily be able to stay on track, won’t waste any food, and most people save significant money on their weekly shopping bills using these plans.

These are available in both US Imperial and Metric measurements and use simple ingredients available throughout the world. 

p.s. not suitable for vegetarians.

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Bonus #2 - Myth Busting Mini Course

The World Of Nutrition Is Full Of Lies That Get In The Way Of Your Health

Total Value £29

There are plenty of myths when it comes to the world of nutrition. But some of these are particularly unhelpful for those of us who chose the Carb Dodging way of life.

Lesson 1 – Saturated Fat & Heart Disease – Everything you need to know about Cholesterol

In order to be truly successful with your ketogenic diet you need to make peace with the fact that saturated fat doesn’t cause heart disease.

Lesson 2 – Is fibre really good for us?

It might seem crazy that I’m even questioning this at all? In this lesson I’m delving into the origins of why we think that eating fibre is a good thing. You might be surprised!

Lesson 3 – Is salt really bad for us?

We’ve already knocked over Saturated Fats & Fibre in this module. In this module I take aim at Salt.

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Bonus #3 - Micronutrients Mini Course

Learn everything you need to know but were afraid to ask about suplements.

Total Value £29

Throughout the Foundation Program we’ll be talking a lot about macronutrients (carbs, proteins and fats).

But micronutrients are also really important.

Micronutrients are the vitamins and minerals that are needed by the body in very small amounts. Many people will take vitamins in supplement form.

However, don’t underestimate their importance because they are incredibly important for your health.

In this mini course you’ll learn. 

  1. What are micronutrients?
  2. Why we should focus on nutrient dense, real foods.
  3. Wether you need to take supplements (and if yes, which ones). 

So make sure you’re not wasting money on taking supplements you don’t need. 

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There Is NO CATCH!

At this point you might be thinking “This sounds great, but there’s got to be a catch, right?”

There’s no catch!

I’m doing this because I want to help as many people as I can to avoid the mistakes that I’ve seen time and time again.

I hate that people who start out on this journey end up failing because they’re missing a piece of the puzzle.

Or because they get overwhelmed by all the information out there and don’t get started.

Or think that it’s not right for them for whatever reason….

I know this course can solve that. 

Time Is Of The Essence..

This is a limited offer at this price...

I’ve previously sold this course for £197.

The price can go up at any time… 

Because of what you’re getting we’re expecting a flood of orders and I don’t know how long I’ll keep it at this price.

Just imagine what this course can do for you….

  • What impact would this course have on your health?
  • How would you feel in 1 month’s time if you went through this course and took action?

You’re so close to being successful with this…

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If you don’t feel that The Carb Dodging Foundation Course is worth every penny you’ve paid for it, then drop me an email within 30 days of your purchase and I’ll refund your £14.99… no questions asked… Fair Enough?

But I’m going to go one step further than that.

If you don’t love it… then you can have your money back, and you get to keep the course so you can get value from it whenever you want in the future.

You Must Act Fast!

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