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Low Carb & Ketogenic Diet Recipes

Hi. Just wanted to let you know that this site is still very much in development. Please bear with us.

The Start Carb Dodging Meal Plans

Table of Contents

Welcome to Carb Dodging meal simplicity...

  • We have designed the meal plans to be nutritionally complete, with plenty of variation of protein sources, carbohydrates and healthy fats to provide a diverse range of vitamins and nutrients.
  • The meal plans are based around the idea of someone working a traditional 9am – 5pm job, 5 days a week.
  • The meal plan runs from Sunday evening until the following Sunday lunch time, but some of you will adapt based on your own routine.


I’m a big believer that simplicity is key when starting out and part of that means repetition of meals, so you will notice that we usually include a batch cook meal so that you can store extra portions for later in the week or to have a convenient meal for later weeks.

Batch Cooking & Meal Prepping

We have planned Sunday as meal preparation and batch cooking day. This is when many of us have a little time available to get ourselves organised for the week. 

 We have focused on recipes with fairly simple cooking steps, to help you get into the swing of your carb dodging food changes. As a guide food preparation may take around 40 mins, depending on how many recipes and portions you are preparing, and up to 40 minutes of cooking time.

Your first meal begins on Sunday evening and there are meals planned for lunch and dinner for the entire week, see notes on Breakfast below.

Please note that we often write in extra portions into your batch cooking to freeze, this means that you can have week day meals that fit your lifestyle at the ready – so don’t worry if you find you have extra meals left over from the programme.

Remember the Rules Of Carb Dodging

Especially, only eat when you’re hungry. Some of the recipes have generous portion sizes, it’s ok to dish up a smaller portion, any extra can be easily frozen.


The shopping lists provided each week will be divided into sections to help make shopping more straightforward.

They are designed for a once weekly shop, but when dealing with fresh produce it may be beneficial to shop twice a week.

Some of our Carb Dodgers prefer to shop once a week and some more often, shop in the way that suits your lifestyle.

The choice is yours.


A question I am often asked is whether the Meal Plans are flexible, and can you make some changes as you need to.. And the answer is Yes.

The meal plans allow for flexibility, as these recipes must work best when they suit you, your lifestyle and your access to different food ingredients where you are.

If you have a dislike of, or cannot access, a particular ingredient you may replace that, ideally with a very similar food item (in terms of Carbs / fat / Protein profile). For example swapping lamb chops for pork chops, spinach for chard, halloumi for paneer cheese. If you find that your appetite reduces through the programme you may choose to reduce your meal sizes and adapt your shopping to reflect this.

The key is to stick to the key components of the meal plans as much as you can, but to adapt the ingredients as necessary to make them work best for you.


Breakfasts are a tricky one to add into the meal plan for this programme because even at the start, many people are already practicing intermittent fasting and skipping breakfast.
Others will choose to opt for the bulletproof coffee option.

For those of you who are planning on having breakfast the best thing to do is pick some breakfast options from the website. Or simply cook an omelette or egg-based dish of your choosing.

There are of course some non-egg based options and I’d definitely recommend trying the strawberry chia pudding recipe.

Your Weekly Plans

(n.b. the plans become available 1 week in advance.)