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Low Carb & Ketogenic Diet Recipes

Hi. Just wanted to let you know that this site is still very much in development. Please bear with us.

As part of the Foundation Program, we provide a tried and tested 8-week meal plan.

I’d definitely suggest getting through the first couple of modules before you start the meal plans. But I understand many are keen to get started.

When I say tried and tested, we developed them over several rounds of the program getting feedback as we went along.

Most meal plans I see on the internet seem to consist of many different meals throughout the week. With the feedback of those who went before you, we have tried to strike a balance in the meal plans between enough repetition, meal prep, and batch cooking to keep it simple and to make them interesting and tasty.

Some choose to follow the meal plans to the letter and have been very successful with their weight loss when doing so. Others prefer to build their own meal plans based on the advice we give in the program.

The Meal Plans all start on a Sunday evening, and run to the following Sunday lunchtime. Usually, there is some meal preparation for the week ahead to be done on Sunday.

You’ll notice that breakfast is done separately, that’s because most clients make the transition to skipping breakfast quite quickly. If that’s not you, don’t worry, it’s not a race. Feel free to add in some of those simple breakfast options / bulletproof coffees.

You can find the meal plans by looking in the top menu on the website when you’re logged in, and there is a place to ask questions about any things you’re not sure about directly below!

We hope you enjoy the meal plans. Please do feel free to post up any pictures of your preparations to the group!

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