14 Ways To Eat More Healthy Fats

Add More Healthy Fats to your diet

There is a time and a place for bulletproof coffee and fat bombs. However, there are loads of better ways to maintain the higher fat intake you’re going to need to be successful on a ketogenic diet.

In this article, I’m going to take you through 14 different ways you can add plenty of healthy fat into your meals and I’ve definitely gone and saved my favourite and the best for last.

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Table of Contents

Number 1

1. Prioritise higher fat protein

Yes, this article is primarily about fat, however, getting a decent amount of protein should be the focus for each and every meal, and your choice of protein can naturally provide a great source of fat as well.

Take meat for example.

Choose fattier cuts of meat

The cut of meat you choose can make a big difference to the fat content. 

It’s not that lean meats aren’t tasty (…who doesn’t like a fillet steak?) just in generally, the fat is where a lot of the flavour is.

You can usually get the fattier cuts of meat far cheaper than their leaner alternatives too.

Opt for:-

  • Chicken thighs rather than dry chicken breasts
  • Juicy rib eye steak rather than lean fillet steak

You can choose higher-fat versions of meat products such as minced or ground beef. These are often significantly cheaper than their leaner alternatives.

Leave the skin on

Don’t forget you can always leave the skin on as well, because that contains a reasonable amount of fat too.

Choose meats that are naturally higher fat

Equally, you could choose other types of meat that are naturally higher in fat such as duck.


Fish is also a fantastic source of protein.

Oily fish such as salmon, sardines, mackerel, anchovies are really, really nutritious and they’ll also give you a boost of natural, healthy fat that is rich in a omega-3s.

Don’t forget you can always leave the skin on as well, because that contains a reasonable amount of fat too.

Always Read The Label

Do make sure you always check the labels on tinned fish because sometimes they are packaged in really low quality vegetable or seed oil so just be careful about those.


Finally, in the protein rich source of fat, we have eggs!…. any way which you prefer to cook them. Boil them, scrambled them, poach them, make them into an omelet.

Please don’t worry about the number of eggs you’re eating in a week. There is no evidence that eating eggs does anything bad to your cholesterol, despite the advice we’ve been given in previous years.

Eggs are also a fantastic source of other fabulous vitamins and minerals, they really are a nutritional powerhouse.