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Hi, I’m Dr Dan Maggs

If you’ve struggled to lose weight by cutting the calories and exercising more then you’re definitely not alone.

Until early 2016 I was officially obese, but in just over 6 months I’d normalised my weight, and I’ve kept the weight off ever since!

I’m here to show you how you can do the same. Want to learn more? Then read on…

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My Story

I can’t ever remember being slim as a child and I continued to gain weight through my teenage years and throughout Medical School.

I’d tried pretty much every diet going and whilst losing weight in the short term was usually pretty easy, at around 6 weeks into every ‘diet’ I ended up feeling COMPLETELY EXHAUSTED and CRAZY HUNGRY!

SOUND FAMILIAR? Diet over. Go back to the start!

(in fact, actually gain more weight).

Dr Dan Maggs At Work

My years spent as a junior doctor really didn’t help. They were stressful and crazy busy, grabbing food from the hospital canteen whenever I could. Even when I managed to establish a regular exercise habit the weight still wouldn’t budge.

I found myself in my early 30’s officially obese

Despite now being a fully qualified GP (Family Practice doctor) who really should know how to fix this problem, I felt completely powerless to do anything about my weight. I started to believe that there was no way back for me and that I was destined to continue to gain weight year in, year out.

My Journey

In early 2016 everything changed for me, and I mean EVERYTHING. I remember it like it was yesterday.

I was on a skiing trip in the French Alps with my wife and some friends. It was a shared chalet and we were having breakfast with some people that we didn’t know. One of the guys from another group was spooning butter into his coffee. This seemed like a really strange thing to do. But being curious about why he is doing this, and I asked him.

We got talking, and the information he shared with me that week changed my life for the better, forever. As soon as I got back from that trip I began putting his teachings into practice.

On 14th February 2016 I weighed more than I’ve ever done in my life. 6 weeks after that day I had lost 20lbs (9kg), but this time I didn’t feel exhausted, I had loads of energy. I KNEW something was different.

Other than a short break to Paris in May 2016 where I attempted to eat my own body weight in croissants and baguettes (yes it is still possible to enjoy yourself and still achieve your weight loss goals) I continued to lose weight throughout the spring and summer of 2016 until I had normalised my weight!

August 24th 2016 was the first day that my weight was officially ‘normal’.

My Weight Loss Graph

This graph shows my actual weight loss… from over 108kg in February 2016 to under 85kg in August of the same year. I’ve maintained it ever since!

I want you to know these 4 things:-

  1. Eat less, Move More – just doesn’t work for many of us – It never will, no matter how many times you try.
  2. You are not overweight because you are lazy or gluttonous – chances are you’ve been given some bad advice in the past – just like I was given at medical school. 
  3. Losing weight does not require superhuman amounts of willpower – you have all the willpower you need to successfully lose weight. You just have to do it the right way
  4. There is another way  I believe that you can change things around and achieve long-lasting weight loss if you have the right advice and, importantly – support!

In this short video, I’m going to share with you the information that changed my life.

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